Private Piano Lessons

- for all ages

Students can take individual lessons for 30 minutes, 45 minutes and one-hour sessions either once or twice a week.

These classes are designed to teach proficiency in reading music, proper fingering and hand positions, and musical expression with a goal of building fundamentals necessary to bring sheet music to life.

The lessons are individualized to match the abilities of each student. A wide variety of composers are introduced in order to keep the lessons fresh and interesting. We've discovered that our students really enjoy playing piano duets with their teachers, friends or an instrument-playing parent. Recitals are held twice a year (January and June) in a very intimate, non-threatening environment where students invite their parents, grandparents and friends to help celebrate their progress.

Each student is issued their own lesson book, encouraged to practice at home in order to maximize their progress and informed how many times a piece should be played in order to see positive results. This instructional method helps students build skills that can be translated beyond playing the piano, to other musical instruments.