About the Founder

Born and raised in Russia, Natasha Gevorkyan received her initial education at the College of Music in the Georgian city of Sukhumi by the Black Sea. She began teaching in music schools in Europe when she was 19 years old before migrating to the USA in 1986, where she continued to teach music at other venues in Los Angeles. She finally opened her own music school in Pacific Palisades in 1993. 

Although Natasha also teaches adults of all levels and abilities, she specializes in introducing children as young as 12 months old to a wide variety of musical disciplines. To keep up with the latest techniques, she has also received license in the Simply Music program and she frequently attends seminars and workshops to further her education.

Her love and passion of music has grown and extended to her now adult children. Two out of three who now are music teachers themselves. 

Asked why she chose to open a music school for the pampers set, Natasha Gevorkyan replied "Because it creates pure happiness every day. That's why people come back."

As founder of Natasha's Music Studio, Natasha gets to share that experience every day as she teaches several courses including the highly popular Beethoven, Mommy and Me, an extraordinary first musical experience for children 9 months to three and their parents. A perennial favorite, the class is an eye-opening exchange as parents get to see their children take their first steps into the wondrous world of music, under Natasha's personal touch.

Natasha specializes in introducing children to a wide variety of musical disciplines, from the classics of the great masters, to American and European folk songs and dances. She also utilizes toy instruments to totally involve the children in the music-making process and making it as fun as possible. For Natasha, there's no such thing as too young to experience the magic of music. "Starting children as young as 9 months is the best way to plant the seeds and see if they grow."